Love Not Love

Love Not Love started life as a simple conversation with Women's Aid NI in Belfast as to how best to reach out to young people in schools and youth clubs in Northern Ireland in regards to initiating a conversation on healthy relationships. In other words, we wanted to ask young people what is love and what is not love?

We decided to approach the challenge by building a social movement via a conversation around the hashtag #LoveNotLove. The project includes a website with interactive "relationship quizzes", animations, infographics and *merchandise that can be purchased by groups, education authorities etc and distributed via schools, youth clubs and other channels.

We are also evolving a series of stickers and "playing cards" that can be used in group situations as prompts to stimulate conversation around the wider issues surrounding healthy and unhealthy relationship practices.

The overall purpose of this project is educational and to initiate early intervention and thereby prevent relationship abuse.

* Any profits go towards the maintenace of the project.   


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