Zoocreative is a design studio based in Derry, Northern Ireland that specialises in branding, interactive, design for print / publication and visual communication in all its lovely forms.

We are the little fellows who tarry and toil 'behind the curtain', in our city in the sky (actually, the attic of a large Victorian townhouse), twisting dials, pulling levers, devising magical marvels and mixing wondrous potions. For we are The Wizards of Zoo; granting wishes and making dreams come true ...

Apart from obsessing over classic cinema and dallying with darts, robot toys, vintage arcade games, Scrabble and threatening to read some of those 'arty design books' we've amassed, we actually work very hard in our little studio. But who says work has to be drab?

Snuggly above the fumes and the throng of traffic, we have nurtured a playful, fertile oasis of creativity. Our sense of fun and contentment in what we do shows in our work. Everybody wins. Willing to work with any media or materials, we have the space, the peace and the freedom to create lovely things.

Someone much brighter than us said 'Play is the beginning of knowledge'. Well said much brighter person ...

“For men in possession of almost God-like creative abilities, the boys from Zoocreative are disarmingly modest”

Yvonne McFadden, Inishowen Gospel Choir

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