**Client:** Startacus **Project:** Branding, Web

I'm Startacus! No, I'm Startacus! …
From the defiant name, to the hand-drawn, 'have-a-go' visual style, Startacus was designed to evoke the spirit of rebellion, to make an appeal to the working masses to take control of their own economic destiny! To hoist their own flags! Sail their own ships! Sorry, we're getting carried away here ...

We conceived the name "Startacus" and the tagline "the self start society" and rendered it by hand to create an identity that conveyed a relaxed, non corporate attitude while also acting as an obvious rallying call. 

The Startacus identity is a devil-may-care, Harley-Davidson riding, cool, drifter type guy with a gold tooth, great tattoos and a beard. We thought there were enough websites and services out there for the sniffling, suit wearing, networking addicted, loan hunter type. Startacus is different from that ... he's a bit tough really.

“The folks over at Zoocreative are quite frankly the most talented, creative, innovative, imaginative, resourceful and inspiring guys you are ever likely to meet. Their creativity and their patience knows no bounds!”

The Startacus Crew